El Salvador Santa Rosa COE#Winning farm 2014-17 Lot4.1 – Semi Washed

El Salvador Santa Rosa -lot4-1cover

El Salvador Santa Rosa COE#Winning farm 2014-17 Lot4.1 – Semi Washed


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El Salvador Jorge Raul Rivera Santa Rosa
COE#Winning farm 2014-2017 Lot4.1

     Origin : El Salvador

     Region : Santa Rosa

     Altitude : 1,500 Meters

     Varietal : Pacamara

     Processing : Semi Washed

     Crop : Feb – Apr 2017

Tasting Notes:

90 pts. Sweet fruit aromatic with a complex malic acidity, This coffee present flavours of white tea, blackcurrant, plum jam, and hints of red apple. The mounthfeel is creamy and aftertaste is rich and sweet.

About :

Jorge Raul Rivera founded the farm with his brother, Jose Roberto, in 1979.

When El Salvador hosted its first Cup of Excellence in 2003, Jorge and Jose finally planted the coffee farm they had originally imagined, taking advantage of this clean slate, and planted Pacamara. They also retained plenty of their forest to provide the necessary shade for coffee trees in the region’s hot and dry climate. Many visitors comment on the unique landscape of this farm as most of the shade come from pines and resembles more a Scandinavian forest than a tropical, Central American coffee farm.

In 2013, Santa Rosa placed first in the Cup of Excellence and this achievement gave Jorge the opportunity to start getting international popularity.

Jorge travels a lot due to his work in coffee and for a few years Sasa and Jorge had many mutual friends, but didn’t know each other. They started a relationship through email, until they finally met in 2015, in Seattle.

After a few months, Sasa finally visited Jorge in El Salvador and together they had the idea to create an auction to help out the producers of the area connect with international buyers. Sasa kept his word and in 2016 Project Origin organised their first ‘Best of El Salvador’ auction that included the participation of more than 60 producers. Project Origin will undertake three more auctions in 2017, in El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua.


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