Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Autumn – Natural

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Autumn – cover

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Autumn – Natural


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Grown on the rolling hills of southwestern Ethiopia, Yirgacheffe gourmet coffee is now known as Ethiopia’s Crown and Glory because of its high quality and distinctive flavor.

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Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Autumn

     Origin : Ethiopia

     Region :Yirgacheffe

     Altitude : 1,950 – 2,300 Meters

     Varietal : Heirloom

     Processing :  Natural

     Crop : Nov’16 – Feb’17

Tasting Notes:

Intentse aromatics of red and orange coloured frurit are paired with raspberry acidity and big sweetness. This coffee has a creamy mouthfeel, flavors of pinot, raspberry, papaya, peach. blueberry, strawberry, mandarin and long, sweet finish.

About :

This coffee grows in small farmers’ backyards in the Yirgacheffe region, thus giving the name “Garden Coffee”. The farmers bring their coffees to the washing station, then the lots are combined and proccesed. Typically, the coffees come from this area are hard to trace. However, thanks to Project Origin and the exporter Primrose, they have managed to trace this lot and went through further screening to improve its quality.


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