Honduras Reynaldo Munoz, Los Primos – Washed

Honduras-Reynaldo Munoz, Los Primos – Washed

Honduras Reynaldo Munoz, Los Primos – Washed


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Honduras Reynaldo Munoz, Los Primos
#2 Best of Honduras 2017

     Origin : Honduras

     Region : Los Primos

     Altitude : 1,500 Meters

     Varietal : Pacas

     Processing :  Washed

     Crop : Feb –  Mar’17

Tasting Notes:

Intense brown sugar sweetness and citrus, with notes of blackcurrant and plum on the back palate.

About :

Los Primos is a medium sized farm located in the heart of Santa Barbara Mountain, in the Montecillos region of Honduras. Most of the farm is planted and producing coffee, while the other areas are kept for biodiversity and development of new trees. This pacas lot placed 2nd at the Project Origin ‘Best of Honduras: Late Harvest’ auction in 2017, with an average score of 91.19.


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