India Thalanar Estate, Plantation A – Washed


India Thalanar Estate, Plantation A – Washed


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India Thalanar Estate, Plantation A

   Origin : India

     Region : Thalanar Estate

     Altitude : 1,500 Meters

     Varietal : SL9

     Processing :  Washed

     Crop : Dec’16 – Feb’17

Tasting Notes:

Orange, Cacao, Spice, Earthy
Full weight with orange. Citric acidity. Creamy mouthfeel.

About :

This farm lies on two hills facing west and north. The northern facing trees have better yield, bigger cherries and better quality. During harvesting time workers receive bonus wages if they pick 100 kilograms of cherries in a day. Throughout India, on average pickers would pick around 60 kilograms in a day. At Thalanar, a few pickers manage to pick up to 180 kg of ripe coffee cherries per day.

The Deep Purple Project is now in its third year, with improvements being made to attempt to create the highest quality coffee possible from India. New African drying beds, slower drying times and extremely selective picking is helping to produce this clean and very exciting lot by a natural style of processing. Only the ripest deep purple coloured cherries are used here. These coffees are picked by only the pickers that reside at the farm. They receive a 20% higher premium for the super selection required to produce this lot. Coffee is dried at high altitude of 1350m. We selected to dry here not only due to the high altitude of the location but also because this is one of most windy areas at the farm. During processing, the coffee is mixed several times a day and dried very slowly for up to six weeks. Project Origin has helped to implement this project by using Brix sugar testing device to understand the appropriate colour for the coffee beans to be picked and teaching this to the pickers.


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