Indonesia Blue Java – Wet Hulled


Indonesia Blue Java – Wet Hulled


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While the finish of Java may be a bit quicker than some other Indonesian coffees, it often contains a slightly spicy or smoky twist. Java coffee leaves a sweet impression overall, very smooth and supple.

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Indonesia Blue Java

     Origin : Indonesia

     Region : Blue Java

     Altitude : 1,500 Meters

     Varietal : S795

     Processing : Wet-Hulling

     Crop : Jun – Aug 2017

Tasting Notes:

Apple, Spice, Plum, Blood Orange
Full Weight with orange, Citric acidity. Creamy mouth feel, Rich, Caramel sweetness and dark chocolate notes with a long, chocolate aftertaste.

About :

A fine Java coffee has a low-toned richness that is typical of Indonesian and New Guinea coffees, but with a full body that is clean and thick, and a medium acidity (brighter than New Guinea coffee) along with earthy qualities, but less earthy than some other Indonesian coffees such as Borneo, Sulawesi and Sumatra.


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