Panama Geisha Ricardo Koyner,Kotowa (Las Mandarinas) – Natural

Panama Geisha Ricardo Koyner,Kotowa Cover

Panama Geisha Ricardo Koyner,Kotowa (Las Mandarinas) – Natural


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เป็นกาแฟที่ดี ออกไปทาง Fruity เช่น Orange Lime Peach Cherry Red apple

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Panama Geisha Ricardo Koyner,Kotowa (Lasmandarinas)

     Origin : Panama

     Region : Kotowa

     Altitude : 1,600 Meters

     Varietal : Geisha

     Processing :  Natural

     Crop : Dec’16 – Feb’17

Tasting Notes:

A very clean, creamy coffee with medium to full weight and grape-like acidity. This natural has sweetness of cherry with flavours of red apples, florals, orage, lime, hints of peach and jasmine

About :

We are privileged to offer coffees and to have an ongoing relationship with Ricardo Koyner, producer and owner of Duncan Estate and some of the finest coffees from Panama. Koyner’s commitment to quality creates a high yielding-organic farm that most producers are unable to even dream about.

Duncan is named after Ricardo’s grandfather Alexander Duncan MacIntyre who first immigrated to Panama from Canada in 1913. While living in Canada, Alexander read a newspaper article describing the virgin lands of Boquete, Panama. It was through this article, that his curiosity got the better of him, and he moved to Boquete. After moving, he fell in love with the region, people, area and magic of the valley. Since then, Alexander’s family has cultivated and processed coffee for four generations.


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