Rwanda Encoro Supreme – Washed

Rwanda Encoro Supreme – Washed – Panbeans

Rwanda Encoro Supreme – Washed


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กาแฟที่ยอดเยี่ยมจากรวันดามักมีรสผลไม้และความสดชื่นของแอปเปิ้ลแดงหรือองุ่นแดง ส่วนรสผลไม้ตระกูลเบอร์รี่และความหอมของดอกไม้ก็เป็นคุณลักษณ์ที่หาได้ทั่วไป

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Rwanda Encoro Supreme

     Origin : Rwanda

     Region : Rutsiro

     Altitude : 1,500 Meters

     Varietal : Bourbon

     Processing : Washed

     Crop : 2016 – 2017

Tasting Notes:

Lime, Passion Fruit, Green Apple, Orange, Raisin, Milk Chocolate
Juicy & Bright Acidity, Clean Finish

About :

Virtually all of Rwanda’s coffee is grown in the country’s central region near Kigali (the capital) and in western Rwanda, while the eastern region of the country is largely reserved as a national park where no coffee growing occurs. The exception to this is the beautiful lake Kivu, where the gorgeous scenario is matched only by the quality of coffee put out.

About 95% of Rwanda’s coffee plants are the high quality Arabica varietal Bourbon. also cultivated are relatively small amounts of the Catuai and Caturra varietals. One of the varietals cultivated in Rwanda is Coffea arabica var. mayaguez, a cultivar of Bourbon (Coffea arabica var. bourbon).

Rwanda’s wholesale coffee market has been plagued in the past by tumultuous political events, war and genocide causing many deaths. The future of Rwanda’s coffee market depends upon the political stability of the region.


Historically Rwanda’s coffee crops have been shipped across Uganda into Kenya and from there were shipped mostly to the European market. This extensive journey sometimes led to a degradation of the quality of the coffee and also made the crop more vulnerable to the current political situation.

Rwanda has one of the most interesting East African coffee histories. It is a place where the production of high-quality coffee is inextricably linked to the rising spirit of a population after the tragic genocidal civil war of the 1990s. Known as the “Land of a Thousand Hills,”

Due to the difficulties getting the Rwanda coffee crop to market many farmers were discouraged from significant production of high quality coffee. An increasing ability of rural farmers to process their coffee and get it to wholesale market bodes well for the future of Rwanda coffee farming. 

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